A Life

 repurposed journals

     For so many years and through multiple moves I lugged a few tubs full of journals around with me that I had started in 1979 till early 90's. Every so often I would take them out with the intend of throwing them away but instead would sit on the floor and read a few, but them back in the tub, and shove the tub back under the bed. This time, I started tearing them up and making collages.  

     My motivation was directed not by revealing words, but obscuring them. I developed patterns from the random torn shapes and the direction for the script. Add to that the contrast of doodles and sketches. You can't read them. Yet I have noted that never have people looked so closely and intently in other of my work. They really try to read them! It must be the natural voyeur in people.  Sometimes, I think they are too personal. I have titled this series "A Life".