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Homage to Chihuly

     I was anxious to try out "Intentional Camera Movement" techniques on the glass sculpture at the Chihuly exhibition in the Baker Museum in Naples, Fl.  The lighting and the setting was perfect for this. It was an interesting experiment given that this technique delivers unexpected results. I went back three times to photograph because each day revealed new things as I honed my ideas of what I would and could get from this situation. The guard recognized me and said "You are the lady who is shaking her camera while shooting". Yup, that was me!

     I not only shake the camera but I twirl it, or zoom in while refocusing.Sometimes I even leap forward or backward during the shutter action. I enjoy the calligraphy but I like it best when there are traces of structure behind the trails of light. The 

juxtaposition adds a sense of presence and place to the swirling lines.


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