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   The morning that everything shut down, l walked out on my porch to find myself absorbed in a deep silence. The effect of this was to make me keenly aware of the immediate sound of the palms rustling in the breeze. I began photographing the flickering light.  Over the months that followed, this came to represent for me the end of what now seems like mindless activity, and the birth of a new way of life. The closer I looked however, the more it was revealed that there is never stillness in nature. There is instead, constant movement. The exploration of movement has produced work that recalls the painter, Twombly in the patterns created by my dance with the camera.  Im using the lens as a painter would use a brush. Light is my 'pigment'. 


 "The key to feeling absolutely alive in your own skin lies in your ability to transform or channel your hardships and dark shadows into sensual energy."~Lebo Grand

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