When the world woke to 'lockdown' that day in March, I stepped out on my veranda and listened to the wind rustling through the trees,. I sensed that human activity had come to a halt and nothing was moving except the wind. As time has gone by, In the pause it created, I began and still  continue  taking  long walks through the na sure preserve that surrounds my home to record details that catch my eye.

     The swirling energies of a shifting universe dance before my camera while  foliage and light merge into simultaneous creations that reveal the powerful forces of the natural world. What I capture in the camera reminds me that nature is the greatest teacher. These photographs allow me to stop and applaud the ephemeral beauty of our natural world.  In many ways, nature remains uncontrollable, and this work probes the unpredictable effects of natural elements.

 By resolving the chaos of raw nature into simple shapes and colors, I find balance, quietude and sanity in these crazy times.

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