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Artist Statement 

      In the earlier paintings as well as the new photography-based works, I collaborate with nature to express my deep and personal appreciation of landscape.     


     The images in the Slow Dance Series, achieved by blurring the image with movement and focus, strip everything nonessential, leaving little more than pure essence. They lead down a path of perception encouraging the viewer to turn inward toward a mystical journey through ever-increasing stages of awareness.

     The swirling energies of a shifting universe dance before my camera as foliage and light merge into simultaneous creations that reveal the powerful forces of the natural world. The abstractions that result from my process provide room for the audience’s imagination and many varied viewer interpretations.

     Nature remains uncontrollable, but capturing the effect of changing light satisfies my urge to find patterns within this seeming chaos. As a former abstract painter, photography has made me aware that I don't have to invent new colors and shapes. Nature, in its infinite variety and wisdom, has done that for me.

This ongoing project combines elements of the digital and photographic. A lexicon that seems to be on the rise in recent years. With traditional compositions of painting in mind, I use calm but invigorating colors, The resplendent tropical light radiates from the prints, drawing viewers into vibrant aqueous colors and translucent depths

Isotropic Photography

Video presentation of my recent works set to music. (3 min)