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Artist Statement 

       Photography is not solely a medium for creating realistic views through optics and light sensitive materials; it can also be employed as an essential method for visualizing time, capturing light, mapping space, and recording the indexical trace. In this collection of photography-based works, I collaborate with natural forces to express my deep and personal appreciation of landscape and light. In many ways, nature remains uncontrollable, and this work probes the unpredictable effects of natural elements.

     By blurring the image with movement and focus, everything nonessential is striped down, leaving little more than pure essence, which leads the viewer down a path of perception that encourages them to turn inward toward a mystical journey through ever-increasing stages of awareness.

      The abstraction that results from my process provides room for the audience’s imagination and many varied viewer interpretations while also revealing the powerful forces of the natural world. 

This current project combines elements of the digital and photographic with a node toward alternative methods in the use of materials.  With traditional compositions of painting in mind, I use calm but invigorating colors, The resplendent tropical light radiates from the prints, drawing one into vibrant aqueous colors and translucent depths.

Isotropic Photography

Video presentation of my recent works set to music. (3 min)