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     Lynda Fay Braun creates what she refers to as digital paintings by enhancing photographs on the computer that were taken on walks around the preserve where she lives in Southwest Florida. She brings to her artwork a sensibility developed over a lifetime of painting and years of meditation plus a year spent with her spiritual teacher in India.

    To find order and a sense of spirituality in the chaos of life drives her artistic research. This has taken her process from the creation of large paintings to the more recent mixed media work. 

     Ms Braun spent her early years between the rugged environment of the Adirondacks and the museums of New York City. A natural attraction toward the ineffable combined with an affinity towards nature and an independent spirit compelled her to seek a life in art.

     After undergraduate studies at Cooper Union School of Art, and an MFA in Painting from Cornell University, Lynda received a residency at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM. There she was able to continue an informal mentorship with artist, Agnes Martin, well-known for her minimalist grid paintings. This relationship, that continued until Martin’s passing, serving as a touchstone for Braun’s approach to art.

     Lynda’s paintings and prints are in numerous corporate, and public collections including Neiman Marcus Collection, The Ritz Carlton Collection, von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL, and Cornell University Permanent Collection. At this time, Ms Braun's digital work from 2016 to present, was on view at BIG ARTS (Barrier Island Group) Cultural Center on Sanibel Island, FL. 8/22-7/23

      Lynda currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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