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Available Service

  • ​Assemble the pieces and put torn photos back together without a hint of the tears

  • Repair minor to severe damage

  • Tint photos to give them an old-fashioned appearance

  • Correct faded color, grainy, poorly exposed or poor quality image

  • Sun and water damage

  • Enlargement or custom size

  • Compilation and montages of various images in a single print.    

  • Artistically designed cookbooks and books of poetry

  • Prints available printed on a variety of high quality paper and canvas

  • Assemble old albums and loose photos for a coffee- table style book with either hard cover or soft cover

  • $70 AN HOUR  (returning patron discount)

Click here to see a sample of a family album

Please, click through to view the complete contents of this unique historic and personal photo book shot by my Aunt Pearl  of Palestine in 1937.that I lovingly restored to find amazing intimate details and expressions of everyday life. Available for purchase

Before and After Examples of my Restoration Work

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