Fine Art Photography Based on Nature

The Holy Tangle Series

     The photographs are a combination of realism and expressionism. I focus on key elements found in nature: the inherent order in chaos and unstoppable verdancy. Formally, my compositions reflect the abstract qualities found in the structural beauty of tropical plants.

     My role as an artist is to create a sense of wonder and surprise. I use natural elements in such a way that they become purely line, color and abstract form, evoking human emotion. The emotive content found in this reductive mode is further expressed through the magic of Photoshop. Using this remarkable software, I create expression for and about the human experience.

     Like meditation, with my camera in hand, I maintain a daily practice that deeply connects me to the physical beauty around me. When I photograph elements that catch my eye, I’m saying, "thank you," not only for the existence of my subject but for life itself.

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