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I was honored this summer to learn that my image submitted to the SouthEast Center for Photography was chosen to be included in their annual Color Exhibit. This year it was curated by the inspiring and well-respected photographer, Diane Bloomfield. Thank you Diane!

But most of the summer was spent preparing for the upcoming exhibit of my work at Big Arts Cultural Center on Sanibel island, Florida. Finally, yesterday we got the show hung with over 30 pieces. Here I am, a little ragged but happy to see it all come together.

The opening reception will be October 7, 2022. The show will be up until July 2023. This exhibit consists of my lens-based digital work produced from 2016 to present. This includes some from the series, Ebb and Flow, which were shown in RfotoFolio Depth of Field exhibit at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Carmel CA.

I refer to this work as Digital Painting because it employs the same aesthetics I use for making paintings. The curator, Lauren Huff told me she sees the purpose of this exhibition is to show the Big Arts audience that digital art is in fact to be considered a legitimate art form. I hope, and I believe that I present a good case for just that.

There is a large gamut of work in which I have explored all sorts of ways to use the camera and the computer in symphony with nature. Included, are also a number of pieces from the series Ebb and Flow, (the image on the announcement being one) which were first shown with RfotoFolio Depth of Field at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Carmel CA in 2016.

The exhibit, titled Finding Perfection will be in the upstairs Mezzanine Gallery which being bright, and intimate in scale is well suited for my works on paper.

Its perfecto!

I hope those of you who are in the neighborhood will stop by for some refreshments and conversation. If you cant make it to the opening, please feel free to contact me so we can get together there. I would love to hear from you.

To get an idea of my work you can see more on instagram

information and directions for Big Arts is http://www.BIGARTS.o


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