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What Makes it Art?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Happy Birthday to all the May Babies, of which I am one.

I am about to embark on my 80th year, so it is not surprising that I am spending more time than ever contemplating life’s larger questions. One of those that has hounded me, and most people involved in the arts thru our adult lives is“What makes it art?

What is it that elevates a creation from just something, to something special, deserving of preservation? I have finally, after all these years, created a list of criteria for myself that I thought I could share with you, perhaps opening up a lively discussion. My list is short. Add to it if you have some ideas. I love feedback!

"The Holy Tangle Series"

Here are the criteria I have come up with on what makes an image "Art"

  • There is an intuitive sense of order that is dictated by the subject's own nature and/or the nature of the process.

  • The image gives the viewer a sense of connection with a personal longing.

  • The image has a distinct visual impact.

  • The image addresses the metaphysical.

  • The image has a solid abstract composition that reveals something new and surprising about the nature of what is being depicted.

  • The image conveys an emotional poetry.

This image pictured here is from the Holy Tangle Series. You can find more of this series, and more on my website. All the work is available for purchase. Commissions and various sizes available.

Contact me or go to the website and enter your contact info.,




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